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I’m Arthur and I’m a maker!


Pi-Hole is great tool to protect your privacy by filtering requests at the DNS level. It was made to be set-up on a Raspberry Pi running in your home, but how can you stay protected when you’re on the move? In this article, we’ll set up Pi-Hole to…
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Next.js allows you to create API Routes within your application. When deployed to Vercel, these routes are created as Serverless Functions, so they will alway run on the server side. Using Apollo Server, we are going to setup a serverless GraphQL…
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In this post, we will setup a Gatsby application for Mixpanel, using React Hooks and the official Mixpanel JS package. For advanced usage, you should probably look at React integrations or even Gatsby plugins. These will handle stuff such as page…
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Murfy - eCommerce

October 2020 – March 2021

Murfy is a startup bringing an innovative approach to electrical appliances repairs and refurbishment. The aim of this project was to integrate the refurbished shop in their ERP by replacing Prestashop with a custom solution. I held various roles accross this project, on the technical and product sides.
#nextjs #django #ecommerce #fullstack


December 2020

FactureAPI allows sending PDF invoices to your customers with a really simple API. It can be used with No-Code tools such as Zapier or integrated in an existing application. Invoices are archived and can be exported when needed.
#api #serverless #nextjs #nocode

Waycom – Technician App

May 2020

Waycom is a Telecommunications Company dedicated to the retail market. I created a new version of the web app used by on-site technicians. This app delivers instructions to the technician based on the customer and allows them to report the status of their work.
#fullstack #django #angular


January 2020

Orvéa is a company offering Site Facilities services. I built their public website using Gatsby, which generates static HTML pages from a React project. Content for the blog is pulled from the Prismic CMS, allowing the client to update the site.
#gatsby #static #prismic


Software Engineering

Full-stack software engineering and cloud architecture.
Python (Django). React. Docker. Serveless.

Product Management

From conception to driving a development team.