Store Badge

December 2019


Store Badge displays App Store and/or Google Play badges based on the browser. It is available as a snippet or a React component. This saves valuable screen space on mobile devices for a choice that can be easily done by the machine.

November 2019

#serverless#blockchain is a password manager in your browser created by @jsmrcaga. I helped getting it ready for public launch, which included some UI tweaks as well as online promotion. It uses Blockstack's blockchain technology to encrypt all your passwords directly in your browser. No sensitive data is ever transmitted online.


October 2019


We created LastMX with Thomas Recouvreux to allow creation of unique aliases that redirect to the user's personal email address. The real address is never disclosed and send/receive are supported.

Aristide Collection

August 2019 – September 2019


I worked on improving the Aristide ecommerce website, with an updated design by Bonjour Paris. This included CSS animations and some innovative navigation elements, all built on top of the existing technical stack.

Illustration of a developer and version control

Software Engineering

Full-stack software engineering and cloud architecture.
Python (Django). React. Docker. Serveless.

Product Management

From conception to driving a development team.

I’m John and I’m a Backend & Devops engineer!